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I'm Helen, I live in beautiful sunny Seaham in County Durham, England with my husband and little boy, and I set up Mama Dear Jewellery in November 2018.


I wanted to make something lovely and special to make mums feel lovely and special, as most of the time (as a mother to a 2 and a half year old at that time) I felt rubbish, guilty and constantly tired.


I wanted to make something that said... "Yeah mama! You are rocking this messy mum-bun, chocolate-stained jeans, survived my umpteenth-toddler tantrum of the day look!"

I was also a trained breastfeeding peer supporter for my local breastfeeding cafe, and knew so many mums who'd smashed their expectations of continuing to feed their little sleep stealers and wanted to celebrate it. I wanted to give them something special to celebrate their amazing achievement but also didn't scream "I BREASTFEED!!!" so they could wear it every day.


And so... with a lot (and I mean LOT) of umming and ahhing and trying to find exactly the right products... Mama Dear Jewellery was born! Simple, delicate bracelets which celebrate mums (and their littles)...

Because we deserve it!

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